The Eco Pest Service Offering

Our core services for our commercial clients are as follows:
Pest Management
Pest management

The design, implementation and maintenance of pest prevention / elimination programmes for cockroaches, rats, mice, flies, bedbugs, fleas, stored product insects and occasional invaders.

Eco Pest provides a fully guaranteed service and call backs in between basic service intervals are not charged for. Emergencies, ie: cockroach, rat, fly etc activity are reacted to immediately and in this respect, our service is provided on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis.

Due to the varied nature of our clients' businesses, we will accommodate services that are required to be conducted after hours.

Food Safety Auditing
Food safety auditing

Food safety audits are provided to reinforce food safety programmes and to prepare such facilities for pending regulatory audits.

This quarterly internal audit will consist of a site-walkthrough with the Client, paying specific attention to identified possible pest problem areas. A review of the Food Safety file will also be undertaken.

All findings and relevant corrective actions will be discussed with the Client and a copy of the audit report will be placed in the Food Safety file. Internal audits will be conducted by a senior management member from Eco Pest together with the identified client representative.

Eco Pest will make themselves available during regulatory audit execution, where necessary.

Hygiene and Sanitation inspections and programme development

Very often an organization's pest problems are largely due to hygiene and sanitation issues. For this reason included in our overall pest management programme, is a Sanitation and Hygiene Programme that will address any identified inadequacies and subsequently assist in the reduction of pest problems.